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Have Back Pain?

By April 25, 2010

A coworker of mine recently injured her back when a patient she was helping made a sudden and unexpected movement. Fortunately, it's only a soft tissue injury, meaning it should heal completely within a few weeks. I have some other coworkers, however, who have not been so lucky. The health care field is not exactly kind on backs, especially when you work in a trauma hospital.

Back pain is one of the most commonly reported chronic pain conditions, ranking up there with headaches and joint pain. Most people experience some sort of back pain during their lifetime. And yet, when my coworker went to get treatment for her recent injury, she was given the brush-off by her physician.

It made me wonder: are some doctors so used to people having back pain that they are inclined to ignore it, or consider it to be nothing serious? In the end, he prescribed some muscle relaxers and told her to take a few days off. I hope it does the trick, but what if it doesn't? If she were to develop chronic back pain, would he give her a second look?

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