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Bono's Back Injury

By June 5, 2010

Add Bono to the list of celebrities who suffer from back pain. A recent article in the LA Times reported that Bono's back injury caused U2 to postpone it's upcoming tour of America, which was due to begin this month. Apparently, he had a ligament tear and a herniated disc that was causing severe nerve compression: so severe that it warranted emergency surgery.

Wow. I can't think of any of my patients who had emergency surgery for their back pain....then again, none of my patients are celebrities! In all seriousness, though, I am very proud of Bono and the decision his doctor made. Instead of trying to tough it out, or packing on the addictive pain medications, Bono is resting and recuperating from his operation. Of course, I can't say all of his fans will agree with me. Hopefully they will come to understand that this move may save him from a lifetime of pain.

Here's hoping Bono has a speedy recovery and is back on stage soon!

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