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Coping Strategies for Chronic Pain

By June 30, 2010

I talk about coping strategies for chronic pain pretty often. In fact, I have an entire page devoted to coping strategies for chronic pain shared by readers. And today, I have three new strategies to share.

As an occupational therapist, I am frequently tasked with the job of making life easier for people in pain. Here are some strategies I learned back in the college days that still apply today:

  • Energy conservation. Energy conservation revolves around saving your body some effort during routine tasks. For example, sitting instead of standing in the shower can prevent fatigue.
  • Work simplification. Work simplification involves taking your day to day routines and making them easier. Buying wrinkle-free clothing can save you from some of your weekly ironing.
  • Joint protection. Joint protection techniques prevent unnecessary strain on your joints during daily activities. One example is using a jar opener in the kitchen.

Check them out, and see what techniques you can apply to your daily routine. It can only help!

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