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Alternative & Complimentary Medicine

Alternative medicine and complimentary medicine are non-traditional treatments that are often used to treat chronic pain. Alternative medicine is used on its own, while complimentary medicine is used in addition to traditional pain treatments. These non-traditional treatments include massage, acupuncture, energy medicine and hypnosis.

Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Chronic Headaches
Apart from medicaion, how can you control chronic headache pain? Some people find relief through complimentary and alternative treatments.

Should I Try Alternative Medicine?
Alternative medication is growing in popularity, but is the grass really greener on the other side? Things to consider before going alternative.

Alternative Medicine
Alternative medicine is often confused with complimentary medicine, as the two types often share treatment approaches. They are, however, unique.

Complementary Medicine
Complementary medicine is often confused with alternative medicine, because the approaches used within them are often the same.

Do Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain Work?
Many people are attracted to the use of complimentary and alternative treatments to control their pain. But do they really work?

Enhancing the Healing Response - Massage for Pain
What is the best gift for someone with chronic pain? Dr. Loes of the National Pain Foundation discusses the benefits of giving a massage to someone you love.

Acupuncture for Chronic Pain
You may be reluctant to be stuck with tons of tiny little needles, but research shows this ancient Eastern medicine is effective in treating arthritis, and many other forms of chronic pain.

Herbal Remedies for Chronic Pain
Ever considered treating your pain with devil's claw? About.com's guide to back and neck pain reviews herbal supplements that are commonly used to treat chronic pain.

Using Magnets to Treat Pain
Not just for refrigerators: more and more people are turing to magnetic therapy to treat chronic pain. A review of the medical benefits of magnets, and how they work.

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