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Living With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain does not only cause physical discomfort: it can disrupt your routine. Left untreated or uncontrolled, it can keep you from participating in the things that matter most, such as work, leisure time and family life. With the support of loved ones, your physician and even community groups, however, you can continue to live a full life even if you have chronic pain.

Coping with Chronic Fibromyalgia Pain
Fibromyalgia is one of the more common types of chronic pain syndromes. Learn how you can cope with chronic fibromyalgia pain.

Living With Fibromyalgia - Tips Advice Living With Fibromyalgia
Readers share their tips and tricks for easier living with fibromyalgia.

Coping With Chronic Back Pain
Don't let chronic back pain get you down! Here are a few simple things that can help you cope with chronic back pain.

Coping With Back Pain - Tips Coping With Back Pain
Readers share their strategies for coping with chronic back pain.

Chronic Nerve Pain -- Coping With Chronic Nerve Pain
Readers share their strategies for coping with chronic nerve pain.

Chronic Pain Peer Advice
Some of the best coping strategies often come from people who have been there. A collection of tips and tricks from the readers of About Chronic Pain.

Coping With Chronic Neuropathic Pain
Learning to live with chronic pain is never easy. This can especially be true when that diagnosis is chronic nerve pain, a form that is notoriously difficult to treat.

Chronic Pelvic Pain -- Coping With Chronic Pelvic Pain
Chronic pelvic pain affects millions of people every day. Readers share their coping strategies for chronic pelvic pain.

Pain Journal - What's In Your Pain Journal
Readers discuss how they use their pain journals, and what they write in them.

Coping With Chronic Pain - Worst Thing Said Coping With Chronic Pain
People can say some rude things! Readers share the worst thing anyone has ever said about their chronic pain condition.

Coping With Chronic Postoperative Pain
Like many chronic pain conditions, chronic postoperative pain can be difficult to cope with. Some simple strategies for coping with chronic postoperative pain.

Coping With Pelvic Pain
Pelvic pain is often hard to manage, but learning a few coping strategies can help you get it under control.

Pregnancy and Pelvic Pain -- Readers Respond.
Readers talk about their experiences with pelvic pain during pregnancy.

Eight Common Worries About Chronic Pain Medications
Pain medications are not perfect, but they are often necessary. Many people who take chronic pain medication have concerns about their painkillers, though they don't always talk about them. Here are the most common pain medication concerns, and what you can do about them.

Will I Develop a Painkiller Addiction?
Painkiller addiction is often in the news, but could it really happen to you? Criteria for painkiller addiction, and guidelines for reducing your risk.

Coping With Chronic Pain
Coping with chronic pain is more than just taking pain medication. By making simple lifestyle changes and finding support, you can get control over your pain again.

5 Tips for Seniors With Chronic Pain
Seniors are more likely to suffer from chronic pain than the average adult. If you are a senior, here are 5 tips for better coping with chronic pain.

Four Reasons to Keep Up With Your Pain Doctor Visits
One of the steps in http://coping with chronic pain is to stick with regular pain doctor visits. Keeping regular check-up appointments is an important part of chronic pain management. Not sure why this is important? Here are five reasons you should see your pain management doctor on a regular basis.

Chronic Pain Distraction
A key strategy for managing chronic pain is to use distraction techniques. Did you know distracting yourself from pain can help you better control your pain?

Should I Keep a Pain Journal?
A pain journal is a useful tool in tracking your pain from day to day. How to create your own pain journal.

Coping With the Pain of Chronic Headaches
Did you know that people who feel they can cope with chronic headache pain have better pain management outcomes? A Some useful strategies for coping with chronic headaches.

You've Been Given a Chronic Pain Diagnosis -- Now What?
Recently diagnosed with chronic pain? A guide to living with chronic pain and finding ways to cope.

If I Use Opioids for Pain, Will I Fail a Drug Test?
Worried your pain medication will show up on your drug test? If you take opioids for pain, you have a good chance of testing positive on a urine drug screen.

Daily Life With Chronic Pain
Learning to live with chronic pain can take time, especially when diagnosis and treatment are not immediately effective. In addition to medication, exercise, a healthy diet and counseling can help you cope with your pain.

Stress and Chronic Pain
Stress is known to increase feelings of pain. But when stress is all around us, how can we avoid it? Learning to relax is the key to coping with stress-associated pain.

Coping With Arthritis Pain
Are you one of the millions of people who live with arthritis pain every day? Read this advice for coping with arthritis pain.

Arthritis Pain Coping - How Do You Cope With Arthritis Pain
Readers share their strategies for coping with arthritis pain.

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