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Chronic Pain Peer Advice

Readers Share Their Tips, Tricks and Stories About Chronic Pain


Updated June 01, 2010

As a health care professional, I understand that it can be hard to take advice from someone who "just doesn’t understand." I also understand the value of peer advice. Even health care workers with the best knowledge base can overlook tips and tricks from people who have been there.

Here at about.com we encourage sharing, whether it is at the forums or whether it is through our series of user answers. Each site has them: interactive articles in which reader can answer questions, and share their own advice and stories with others.

Here is a collection of the chronic pain site user answers, complete with your responses. Feel free to read through, and of course to add something of your own.

General Chronic Pain Advice:

Coping With Specific Chronic Pain Conditions:

Experiences With Painkillers:

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