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Being diagnosed with chronic pain can be a long, frustrating process as other possible conditions are ruled out one by one. In some cases, no physical cause for pain is ever found.

How Do You Use a Pain Scale?
Using pain scales can be confusing and repetitive. How do you choose the right pain scale, and how do you use it correctly?

Favorite Pain Scale - What is Your Favorite Pain Scale
There are countless pain scales out there, what is your favorite? Readers share their opinions.

Pain Scales - Using Pain Scales Measure Chronic Pain
Readers discuss their experiences with pain rating scales.

Pain Scales -- Valuable Pain Assessment Tools
Pain scales are commonly used in pain assessment to rate the impact of pain on a person. Common pain scales and how they are used.

Diagnostic Ultrasound -- Ultrasound to Diagnose Chronic Pain
Diagnostic ultrasound can be used to determine the cause of certain types of chronic pain. The most common types of diagnostic ultrasound used for chronic pain diagnosis.

Diagnostic Ultrasound vs. Ultrasound Therapy – What’s the Difference?
With all of the types of ultrasound out there, it is easy to get confused. Ultrasound can be used in different ways, both to diagnose and treat certain chronic pain disorders.

Diagnosing Pelvic Pain
Diagnosing pelvic pain can be tricky, because there are so many potential causes. The most common tests and procedures for diagnosing pelvic pain.

How Your Doctor Makes a Chronic Pain Diagnosis
Your doctor will run a battery of tests to diagnose your chronic pain. Here are some of the things you should expect when you are being diagnosed with chronic pain.

What is an EMG, and How Does it Work?
During your chronic pain examination, your doctor may order an electromyography, or an EMG. What an EMG is, and what to expect if you have one.

What is an NCV, and How is it Done?
You may have to undergo an NCV, or nerve conduction velocity test, when you are diagnosed with chronic pain. How NCV tests work, and what to expect if you have an NCV.

Symptoms / Diagnosis
The difference between chronic pain and acute pain. Symptoms of chronic pain by pain type, including headache pain, back pain, joint pain and nerve pain. All about testing and diagnosing chronic pain.

What Is a CT Scan, and How Does it Work?
Your doctor may order a CT scan to get a series of contrasting images of your body. What to expect if you are having a CT scan.

What is a Bone Scan, and How Does it Work?
Your doctor may order a bone scan to diagnose certain types of chronic pain. What to expect when having a bone scan.

What is an X-ray, and How Is It Done?
Your doctor may order an X-ray to help diagnose your chronic pain. What to expect if you are having an X-ray.

What is an MRI, and How Does if Work?
Your doctor may order an MRI when diagnosing your chronic pain. What to expect during your MRI.

Common Tests for Chronic Pain
You may have heard of an MRI or a bone scan, but do you what it's like to have one? Descriptions of the tools most commonly used to diagnose chronic pain.

Can You Rate Your Pain?
Ever wonder why your doctor wants you to give your pain a number? The most commonly used pain scales, and why you should be familiar with them.

Diagnosing Chronic Pain
Chronic pain can take many months to diagnose. Your doctor will want to rule out other possible causes for your pain using several kinds of tests, including blood analysis and imaging.

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