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Readers Respond: Would Pelvic Pain from Pregnancy Make You Reconsider Getting Pregnant Again?

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Updated August 27, 2009

For some women, pregnancy is a painful experience. It involves more than just the usual "growing pains" - the hormones associated with pregnancy can cause the pelvic joints to shift, and can even cause pelvic joint instability.

Did you experience pelvic joint instability or pelvic pain during pregnancy? Do you know someone who did? How painful would it have to be to make you reconsider getting pregnant?

lower back pain

I have very severe lower back pain. I'm 28 week pregnant. In the night I cant sleep properly. Even I can't take turning without any support. Also I have pain in my legs & private area. I cant walk & sit continuously.
—Guest shalini


Im 34 weeks tomorrow, im in agony, all my pelvic area and lower back and my left hip, it just goes on an evening and i cant walk. ive phoned my midwife who is on leave, community midwife who just never phones back. my health vistitor who cant seem to help, the hospital who put a card in for the physico 4 days ago, who as not been in touch yet, the phone just keeps ringing and ringing. ive got 3 children a 1 yrs, 2 yrs and 6 yrs so its not possible to rest, if this had of happened in my 1st pregnancy i would never of considered having more children. im scared i wont bond with my baby, im really starting to resent him, which is making me spend the day crying n feeling so low, i just dont no what to do any longer.

Pelvic pain 25 weeks

I am 25 weeks pregnant at this time and had pretty bad pelvic pain since the beginning but here lately it has been absolutely miserable pain.. When i get up I have to hold on to things to walk or I will fall from the pain and almost start crying it hurts so bad. My first pregnancy was perfect i had no problems, I had a girl that time and I figured since I am having a boy this time and am carrying so low that this could be the problem, my dr never seems concerned about it and has not run any tests so I hope it's nothing bad.. I just wish the pain would stop. It's hard taking care of a 2 year old and having this much pain to where I can hardly walk!
—Guest Amynicole84

Pain, pain pain

I am 36 weeks with my first and for the past 3 or 4 weeks i have been experiencing excruitiating pain in the middle of my pelvis and from the tendons in my inner thighs, ive had dull pain since about week 20, but now it is very sharp. I am incapable of lifting my left leg independently and need dad to be to do it for me if i want to lay on the lounge or in bed. I also found myself doubled over unable to straighten while trying to put the groceries away. I have found that a hot water on my lower back or a really warm bath seems to help ease the pain for a while. My Dr. basically said i just have to put up with it. It makes sitting, sleeping and walking up the stairs difficult but it definately wont stop me from having more children... i figure its all part and parcel of bringing a new beautiful person into the world and the pain wont last forever...fingers crossed.
—Guest Emma

Pelvic Pain

This is my 5th pregnancy. I have pain in the pelvic area so bad I can' stand w/out my legs shaking. I thought it was from having multiple pregnancies and no one understood. My Dr. just put me on bedrest but w/four little girls running around that's not possible. I can't even sleep because it hurts to even move my legs. I'm now pretty worried hearing that this can turn into a chronic problem. Is there any specific reason for this or relief? My Dr. doesn't even have a response when I complain about it.
—Guest Amanda

chronic pain durign pregnancy

hi, I'm 28 week pregnant with my second child. I have had constant dull and intermittant sharp pains I experience anywhere from my spine to pubic symphasis and radiating down my legs. Walking, sitting, and standing are all uncomfortable. At months 3-5 I would experience a sharp lower pelvic pain that fel like I was being cut in half. The doctor said it was just the ligaments and tissues stretching. Aside from that I hadn't realized just how uncomfortable my constant dull pain was until I had a slight break from it last week. For about three days the baby shifted from a transverse lie to head down and what a difference that made,suddenly no more pain! I could walk, run, bend over, get dressed easily. Unfortunately, last night I noticed he shifted back to transverse and all the pain returned too. I'm trying stretches to encourage him to change position again. This pain has convinced me I'm done having chilren of my own, I don't like feeling trapped in a painful state.

never again

I'm 25 weeks pregnant and this is my 3rd pregnancy put I only have one child. Right from the get go I've been having sharp pains in the left side to middle of the abdomen. I've been sent to emergency 3 times because the pain has been unbearable. But with each visit they tell me the same thing. Take Tylenol and use an ice pack for the pain. The pain I feel during this pregnancy is very similar to what I felt during my first which led to a miscarriage. Otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time with going to the hospital. I also have 2 placentas and one baby. So I'm scheduled to see if the 2nd placenta has something to do with the pain. But I can honestly say I will never get pregnant again. I'm lucky to have my son of 6 years and my soon to be baby boy to have no need to put my self in any further pain. Even though my second pregnancy went smooth. this time around is to much for me to handle.
—Guest Charlie

Severe pain

Hi, I'm pregnant with my second child and for the entire 9 months, I've had severe lower back pain along with pelvic cramping. My first pregnancy was beautiful, not one single issue. However, this time around, Most days, i'd rate the pain as a level 10. The lower back pain seems to be located on the left side and is always accompanied by pelvic pain. I usually lie down with my heating pad and that usually brings relief after about 30 mins. but, then, the pain usually returns later that day. My doctor has done some ultrasounds and the baby looks fine, and there doesn't seem to be anything that could be causing this pain so, he just advises me to take tylenol, although, tylenol doesn't see to alleviate the pain. This pain has been so uncomfortable, I will not get pregnant again. I really hoped to have 3 children but, after this terrible pregnancy, I cannot suffer like this again.
—Guest Andrea

Nine Months of Torture...

I experienced very severe pelvic pain for both of my pregnancies, however more notable with the second pregnancy. The pain started around the 20th week, and progressively worsened as I got bigger. The only relief I has was to "pop" my hip back into the socket. This was excruciating to do, but once I had it back in, the hip felt better for about an hour or two. Unfortunately as my pregnancy progressed, the pain became even more persistent, and my fancy trick to "pop" back in the joint was inevitably impossible to do. I was very upset with my doctor because he disregarded my pain as a normal pregnancy complication, and left it at that. I would truly love to have more children, I am just terrified to go through that type of pain again. I honestly spent my entire third trimester sleeping upright on my couch, with my feet on a little stool, because I couldn't maneuver my legs onto my bed, due to the pain in my hips. Will I have another child? I'm honestly not sure. How sad is that?!
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