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Readers Respond: Tell Us All About Your Worst Headache!

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Updated June 03, 2009

I am sure stories like mine are fairly common. Let's hear yours!


I've had headaches since I was 8. Nothing seems to help. But the worst one lasted three weeks...My mother suffered from them also.
—Guest LeAnne

about 9 months long

I had maybe one headache until I turned 26. Then I started getting them twice a year, for about a week straight. Then they became 'chronic', lasting longer. That's when my dr and I started calling them migraines. Every med worked once or twice, then stopped. From 10/09 through 5/10 I had a constant headache that would get worse and better but never completely go away. The dr thought it was a cluster, but nothing really seemed to help - oxygen therapy, bp meds, whatever. Checked for tumors, sinus, neck probs, nothing. My dh and I just began to believe it would be a part of me forever, to go with the low thyroid and epilepsy. Then I discovered craniosacral therapy. One visit and I was cured for a week, four visits and (so far) cured for life! There was a blockage of spinal fluid that caused the headaches - MRI didn't see it, you just have to give the therapy a try. I'm anxious to see if weather changes in the fall bring the ache back, but until then - enjoying life again!
—Guest juliabliss

migrain horrow

I first got migraines so bad I would be paralyzed down the side of my body and my tongue was swollen that I couldnot speak. I still get them but my Doctor has put me on a new tablet and when you get the blurred vision you put it under your tongue and when the blurred vision has gone there is no sickness or headache. They have given me my life back.

cluster headaches

My longest cluster headache was 9 days, and I was banging my head against a wall because for that split second of impact, there was no pain. Cluster headaches are like sticking an ice pick in the eye while having a truck driving over your head back and forth repeatedly. A thousand times worse than my worst migraine...which I also get. People can tell I have one because one eye droops and I can barely move my head, but I can't lie down because it feels better to move around and pace. The drugs never worked. Finally, my doctor suggested trying oxygen, and it's my magic bullet. I use it with a mask for 10 minutes at 8 liters per minute. It doesn't work to use less with a cannula so don't waste your time and money on a small oxygen pack and cannula. Get the E tank. My insurance covers it happily as it's cheaper than drugs. It takes away the worst clusterhead in just under 10 minutes and I'm headache free for the day. Oxygen has no side effects and I can go about my day.
—Guest blissfulbeader

Headaches not categorizable

For all of my life (from my preteens to present) I have been plagued with a headache which at different times I actually thought I had it figured out what type it was. I thought it was at various times tension, possibly a type of migraine not often seen, but the final analysis is that I have never been able to figure out what causes them. There have been times when I would wake up with one so painful that I could not function at work and would have to call in. Doctors have tried over the years to do tests, try different modalities, and nothing has worked. Even opiate pain meds have been less than effective. I do know that it seems to be hereditary; a distant cousin of my mother's actually committed suicide when he was 51 years old because he had been to numerous docs, tried everything available then, and just couldn't take it anymore. He must have reached the point of despair. To this day, I have no clue as to what to do.

no one really understands

I have been dealing with headaches since a bad car accident in 96. My worst headaches though have been the past year, I went to the hospital because nothing was touching the pain I was in. It was like my head was going to explode and sharp like a nail being pounded into my head. The Dr. said that I had a sinus infection. I never even knew that I had sinus issues before that. So after 2 courses of anti biotics and some pain killers it finally let up. It was the worst headache I have ever had though.
—Guest can relate.

Chronic during pregnancy

For the first two trimesters of all of my pregnancies I had severe, daily headaches accompanied by nausea. No medicine that was safe in pregnancy could touch them. I'd love another child but I am afraid to go through that again.
—Guest catherine

Medication side effect

I've had migraines for most of my life, but by far the worst were a side effect of Lyrica. They'd come completely out of the blue and drop me to my knees. With the first one, I was certain that I was dying. I had to spend 2 weeks weaning off of it, and they didn't go away until the drug was fully out of my system. It was awful!

In bed Three Days

I had a migraine that left me in bed for three days once. Every time I got up I would vomit. Nothing helped. My family was very understanding but my kids and my husband ended up fending for themselves. I hope that never happens again.

Pregnancy Headaches

when I was pregnant with my son I had killer headaches that were so bad they could make me throw up. Thankfully they only lasted a few hours at a time but when they hit me I was completely unable to function and could not do anything but lie in bed in a dark room and whimper until they passed.

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