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Painkillers in the News

Is Tylenol safe? Should you still take Vicodin? The FDA is currently reviewing the guidelines for acetaminophen use, which can cause liver damage in large doses. How to keep yourself safe while taking drugs with acetaminophen.

Chronic Pain Spotlight10

Chronic Pain and Sleep Disturbance: End the Vicious Cycle

Chronic Pain and Sleep

Can Broccoli Help with Arthritis Pain?

Can Broccoli Help with Arthritis Pain?

Active and Passive Pain Management

What is Passive Pain Management?

Can Gratitude Reduce Chronic Pain?

Can Gratitude Reduce Chronic Pain?

Gait Speed and Survival: Understanding the Link

Walking and Chronic Pain.

What is Repetitive Strain Injury?

Countless chronic pain conditions can be related to repetitive strain injury. What is repetitive strain injury, and what causes it?

What Is Joint Protection?

Can joint protection techniques help your pain?

What is Work Simplification?

When you have chronic pain, making your daily routine simpler is often a priority. What work simplification is, and how it can help.

What is Energy Conservation?

Energy conservation can prevent fatigue, which may help your pain levels. Here's how.

Coping With Arthritis Pain

Are you one of the millions of people who live with arthritis pain every day? Read this advice for coping with arthritis pain.

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