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Chronic Pain and Mental Health

Living with chronic pain every day puts a strain on your psychological well-being. Keeping the mind healthy while the body struggles is not always easy, but it plays a huge role in coping with day to day pain.

How to Cope With Chronic Pain
Being in pain increases anxiety, which adds to feelings of depression and hopelessness. How to regain control of your chronic pain.

Depression and Chronic Pain
Because chronic pain and depression commonly go together, it can be difficult to separate the two into distinct diagnoses. Each diagnosis is a risk factor for the other. Still, there is hope. The use of antidepressants and other coping strategies can help the fight against depression associated with chronic pain.

Depression Can Be a Real Pain!
About.com's guide to depression describes the typical chronic physical symptoms that accompany this psychological disorder.

Assessing Pain's Complexity
It may sound like science fiction, but some psychologists are turning to brain implants to control pain. A review of behavioral techniques and beyond for pain control.

Psychological Assessment in People with Chronic Pain
Because chronic pain is more than just a physiological condition, many people are turning to psychological treatment to get their pain under control. An overview of what to expect during a psychological evaluation, as well as typical cognitive and behavioral treatments.

Double Trouble: Pain is a Top Risk Factor for Depression
What came first: pain or depression? Psychology Today reports a recent study which found that the nervous system may be responsible for linking the two.

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