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Chronic Pain Symptoms and Diagnosis


Chronic pain and acute pain differ in their duration, and sometimes in their origin. There are countless types of chronic pain conditions, and getting diagnosed with chronic pain can take months or even years. Learning about chronic pain symptoms and diagnostic tests for chronic pain can help you along your path.
  1. Symptoms of Chronic Pain
  2. Diagnosing Chronic Pain
  3. Classes of Chronic Pain
  1. Types of Chronic Pain
  2. Chronic Pain in Specialized Populations
  3. Unusual Types of Chronic Pain

Symptoms of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain and acute pain are different not only in how long they last but in how they feel. People who have chronic pain generally describe their experiences differently than those with acute pain.

Diagnosing Chronic Pain

Unfortunately, chronic pain can take a long time to diagnose because its symptoms are often similar to other chronic illnesses or disorders. However, there are some commonly used tests and procedures your doctor will use when diagnosing your chronic pain.

Classes of Chronic Pain

There are six classes of chronic pain, based on how pain is detected and interpreted. Each causes a specific type of pain, and must be treated in a specific way.

Types of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be caused by disease, injury or psychological disorder. While there are countless conditions that cause chronic pain, the most common types are back pain, headache pain and joint pain. Other common chronic pain conditions include cancer pain, pain syndromes and pain from depression.

Chronic Pain in Specialized Populations

Even the same chronic pain conditions can affect people differently based on their age, sex or background.

Unusual Types of Chronic Pain

Not all cases of chronic pain are limited to the back and joints. Sometimes, chronic pain has a more unusual cause.

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