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Treating Chronic Pain


Learn about the most common treatments for chronic pain, including medications, mainstream therapies and alternative treatments.
  1. Chronic Pain Treatment
  2. Medications for Chronic Pain
  3. Medication Profiles
  1. Pain Medication Considerations
  2. Other Pain Treatments
  3. Complementary and Alternative Chronic Pain Treatments

Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain treatments differ based on the both condition and its cause. What works for one person may not work for another, which means finding an appropriate treatment may take time. What to expect when you are being treated for chronic pain.

Medications for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain if often managed with prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs or a combination of the two. An overview of the most commonly used chronic pain medicines, and related concerns.

Medication Profiles

How much do you know about your pain medication? Profiles on some commonly used pain medications including how they work, common side effects and safety concerns.

Pain Medication Considerations

You may be concerned about taking medications for chronic pain. The latest information on complications, precautions and other pain medication concerns.

Other Pain Treatments

Medication is not the only mainstream treatment for chronic pain. Other treatment modalities can be effective on their own, or when combined with medications, to reduce pain symptoms.

Complementary and Alternative Chronic Pain Treatments

Otherwise known as CAM's, complementary and alternative treatments provide relief to many people who live with chronic pain every day. Types of CAM's, the differences between them and whether or not they are effective.

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