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Chronic Pain 101

Chronic pain is the term for pain that lasts long after the initial injury has healed. It may be caused by a disease, such as arthritis, or it may be the result of an injury such as back strain. Chronic pain can affect anyone, regardless of age or background, and can occur in almost any part of the body.

Can Chronic Nerve Pain Cause Skin Changes?
One of the symptoms of chronic nerve pain is a change in the skin's appearance. Here is why.

What Are Peripheral Nerves?
Peripheral nerves are the nerves that exist in the body, outside the brain and spinal cord. How peripheral nerves detect pain.

What Are Central Nerves?
The brain and spinal cord are made up of central nerves. How central nerves detect and interpret pain.

What Is Neuralgia?
Neuralgia is the term for pain caused by nerve pathways. Types of neuralgia, and what causes them.

Can Shingles Cause Chronic Pain?
Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. Some cases of shingles, however, may develop into chronic pain. Why this may happen.

Do Somatic Pain and Visceral Pain Feel Different?
Somatic pain and visceral pain are two very different categories of pain. How they are similar, and how they differ.

What Is a Neuroma?
What is a neuroma and what causes it?

What is a Neuron?
Neurons help relay information between cells in the nervous system. This article explains what neurons are and how they work.

What are Neurotransmitters?
Neurotransmitters affect how the nervous system reacts to stimuli. Learn how neurotransmitters work in the nervous system.

Does Chronic Pain Feel Different Than Acute Pain?
Pain is pain, right? Maybe not. Did you know acute pain and chronic pain can feel completely different? Here is why.

Seniors With Chronic Pain
All chronic pain conditions have risks associated with them, but did you know that greater risks exist in the older adult population? A review of the main risks associated with chronic pain in seniors.

Seniors With Chronic Pain
Chronic pain can occur at any stage in your life, including the senior years. It is often harder to diagnose and treat chronic pain in seniors, but with care older adults can manage their chronic pain.

What Does Relapsing-Remitting Mean?
You may have heard the phrase relapsing-remitting disorder, but do you know what is means? Definition and examples of relapsing and remitting disorders.

What Is a Progressive Disorder?
You may have heard the term progressive disorder when describing a chronic pain diagnosis, but what does it mean? The definition of progressive disorder.

What Is Breakthrough Pain?
Breakthrough pain can occur at any time. What breakthrough pain is and how it can be treated.

What Is Chronic Pain?
Chronic pain is pain that lasts longer than the expected healing time. It is often accompanied by fatigue, depression and a reduced quality of life. Because it is hard to understand, it can be hard to diagnose and treat.

How We Feel Pain
Ever wonder how we feel pain? How does the signal get to your brain, and then back to the source so quickly? A look at how the nervous system carries, filters and interprets pain signals.

Chronic Pain Symptoms
Chronic pain is not only about physical discomfort. Not only is pain felt differently in chronic cases, but it is often accompanied by other symptoms such as fatigue, depression and insomnia.

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